Cat 5, Cat 6, Fibre Optic and any structured cabling project

With more and more companies turning to Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions for their data communications, HornetSoft recognises the important role LANs/WANs play in meeting the management needs of operating in dynamic environments.

HornetSoft provides the highest quality communication connection products and services for a wide variety of business computer networking systems. HornetSoft is dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction through flexible, timely, efficient and pleasant service to our customers.

Our teams of technicians share a vast amount of computer cabling knowledge and experience spanning many years. We have worked within a large and varied amount of client industries to install and support their physical layer cabling needs. Schools, manufacturing, retail and business offices are just a few of the clients that we have successfully serviced.

For system planning and design HornetSoft can provide the answers you need for your computer networking needs. A typical installation includes:

  • The proper cabling for your companies future needs
  • Patch Panels & mounting racks
  • Wall Plates or Surface mounted modular boxes
  • RJ45 Cat5 Female Data Jacks
  • Testing & Certification Reports

HornetSoft technicians are experienced in the installation, termination, and certification of Category 5. HornetSoft has the technical knowledge and practical experience to help assess your needs and determine how Category 5 and Fiber Optic cable can best serve your LAN/WAN integrated system.